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What's New

Altum Flora "Show Quality" Tony Tan Discus
WC Black Ghost Knife Fish (4"-5")
WC Tea Cup Stingrays - IN STOCK
Albino Dantum Angelfish

"NEW" at Villa's City of Angelfish LLC, is the Dantum Albino, bred by DANZIGER FISH IN ISRAEL. Danziger is the breeder of the Dantum Angelfish which is believed to be a cross between an Albino Scalare and Altum.


We thank David Labell of Angelfish USA for bringing these New Albinos into the States.

Wild Caught P. Altums

WC Rio Atabapo P. Altum
WC Rio Atabapo P. Altum

One of our future breeding stock of Wild Caught Rio Atabapo P. Altum, approx. 3.5-4 yrs. in age.

WC Tru P. Altums of 2013.

Wild Caught P. Scalare

Rio Arapiuns "Golden Scalare" Angelfish

The Rio Arapiuns "Golden Scalare" Angelfish, is one of the newer Wild Caught Angelfish that has hit the scene. Currently we will have (6) of these beauties, allowing for them to readapt and become sexually mature for breeding.

Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish

 Villa's City of Angelfish LLC is proud to have these beautiful XLG "Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish", as part of our ever growing Breeding Stock.


With the addition of the "Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish", we plan to breed them straight, incorporate them to our already large family of Rio Negro Crosses and attempt to cross breed Wild Caught x Wild Caught (ex. Wild Caught Rio Negro x Wild Caught Rio Nanay, Wild Caught Manacapuru, etc.).

pterophyllum leopoldi

Wild Caught P. Leopoldi

Pterophyllum leopoldi, also referred to as the teardrop angelfish, leopold's angelfish dwarf angelfish, or Roman-nosed angelfish, is a river dwelling angelfish species that originates from rivers in the Amazon River basin along the Solimões River, Amazon River, and Rupununi River. It is distinguished from other members of the Pterophyllum genus by the absence of a pre-dorsal notch and by the presence of a black blotch at the dorsal insertion on the 4th vertical bar. The species was originally described as Plataxoides leopoldi in 1963 by J.P. Gosse, and is frequently misidentified as P. dumerilii when the species is imported in the aquarium trade.  

wild crosses

Silver 50% Rio Tocanins/25% Rio Negro Altum Pair


We are also very proud to announce that our Silver/50% Rio Tocantins/25% Rio Negro/PB Geno Pair Bred By: Neil Oyama of Hawaii, have sucessfully had a few large spawns.  


Silver Albino Pearlscale/50% Wild Blood
Blue Albino Clown
Albino Koi
Albino PB Silver Ghost Gold Glitter Thread Fin

One of our newest additions to our Albino Family. This fantastic looking "Albino PB Silver Ghost Gold Glitter Thread Fin - Male." He was bred by Neil Oyama in Hawaii and is expressing "Melanin."

All new, Hlasnick Rybicki Select HR Koi Cross

Select HR Koi LIne

We have also incorporated arguably the best line of Koi on the market, "Angels Plus's Select HR Koi Line."


Their intense coloration and coverage on this line are second to none.

Discus Stock

Albino Millennium Gold
Mandarin Passion
Albino Platinum Discus (IP Discus - Tony Tan)
Red Maps Ring
Blue Brilliant AA Grade
Leopards AA Quality

our newest discus

Albino Millennium Gold (Female)
Red Valentine
Blue Cobalt Pair
Golden Sunshine x Golden Checkerboard Pair
Red Gold Melon Discus Pair
Checkerboard Red Turquoise (M) x Brilliant Turquoise (F) Pair.
Albino Red Cover Pair
Albino White Butterfly
Galaxy Red Scribble Discus
Scarlet Snakskin Discus Pair


Green Delta IFGA Quality
Half Black Blue IFGA Quality
An Assortment of some of the strains we carry.

South American Cichlids

Jack Demsey (Het Electric Blue)
Pair of Green Severums (Pair SOLD)
Uaru – Uaru amphiacanthoides

"NEW" to our South American Cichlid family...

African Cichlids

Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa)
Cylindricus Cichlid (Neolamprologus cylindricus)
Kribensis Cichlid (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

Purple Delta Guppy

Purple Delta Tail Guppies


Water Conditions:


Temp. 74-80 degrees, moderate to strong aeration, some water movement.




Generally do not eat their fry, but females should always be moved to have young in a separate tank or container. Will produce 10-30 young approximately monthly.



(1) Pair of Purple Delta IFGA Quality Guppies (SOLD OUT)


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