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What's New

Altum Flora "Show Quality" Tony Tan Discus
WC Black Ghost Knife Fish (4"-5")
WC Tea Cup Stingrays - IN STOCK
Albino Dantum Angelfish

"NEW" at Villa's City of Angelfish LLC, is the Dantum Albino, bred by DANZIGER FISH IN ISRAEL. Danziger is the breeder of the Dantum Angelfish which is believed to be a cross between an Albino Scalare and Altum.


We thank David Labell of Angelfish USA for bringing these New Albinos into the States.

Wild Caught P. Altums

WC Rio Atabapo P. Altum
WC Rio Atabapo P. Altum

One of our future breeding stock of Wild Caught Rio Atabapo P. Altum, approx. 3.5-4 yrs. in age.

WC Tru P. Altums of 2013.

Wild Caught P. Scalare

Rio Arapiuns "Golden Scalare" Angelfish

The Rio Arapiuns "Golden Scalare" Angelfish, is one of the newer Wild Caught Angelfish that has hit the scene. Currently we will have (6) of these beauties, allowing for them to readapt and become sexually mature for breeding.

Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish

 Villa's City of Angelfish LLC is proud to have these beautiful XLG "Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish", as part of our ever growing Breeding Stock.


With the addition of the "Wild Caught Rio Negro Angelfish", we plan to breed them straight, incorporate them to our already large family of Rio Negro Crosses and attempt to cross breed Wild Caught x Wild Caught (ex. Wild Caught Rio Negro x Wild Caught Rio Nanay, Wild Caught Manacapuru, etc.).

pterophyllum leopoldi

Wild Caught P. Leopoldi

Pterophyllum leopoldi, also referred to as the teardrop angelfish, leopold's angelfish dwarf angelfish, or Roman-nosed angelfish, is a river dwelling angelfish species that originates from rivers in the Amazon River basin along the Solimões River, Amazon River, and Rupununi River. It is distinguished from other members of the Pterophyllum genus by the absence of a pre-dorsal notch and by the presence of a black blotch at the dorsal insertion on the 4th vertical bar. The species was originally described as Plataxoides leopoldi in 1963 by J.P. Gosse, and is frequently misidentified as P. dumerilii when the species is imported in the aquarium trade.  

wild crosses

Silver 50% Rio Tocanins/25% Rio Negro Altum Pair


We are also very proud to announce that our Silver/50% Rio Tocantins/25% Rio Negro/PB Geno Pair Bred By: Neil Oyama of Hawaii, have sucessfully had a few large spawns.  


Silver Albino Pearlscale/50% Wild Blood
Blue Albino Clown
Albino Koi
Albino PB Silver Ghost Gold Glitter Thread Fin

One of our newest additions to our Albino Family. This fantastic looking "Albino PB Silver Ghost Gold Glitter Thread Fin - Male." He was bred by Neil Oyama in Hawaii and is expressing "Melanin."

All new, Hlasnick Rybicki Select HR Koi Cross

Select HR Koi LIne

We have also incorporated arguably the best line of Koi on the market, "Angels Plus's Select HR Koi Line."


Their intense coloration and coverage on this line are second to none.

Discus Stock

Albino Millennium Gold
Mandarin Passion
Albino Platinum Discus (IP Discus - Tony Tan)
Red Maps Ring
Blue Brilliant AA Grade
Leopards AA Quality

our newest discus

Albino Millennium Gold (Female)
Red Valentine
Blue Cobalt Pair
Golden Sunshine x Golden Checkerboard Pair
Red Gold Melon Discus Pair
Checkerboard Red Turquoise (M) x Brilliant Turquoise (F) Pair.
Albino Red Cover Pair
Albino White Butterfly
Galaxy Red Scribble Discus
Scarlet Snakskin Discus Pair


Green Delta IFGA Quality
Half Black Blue IFGA Quality
An Assortment of some of the strains we carry.

South American Cichlids

Jack Demsey (Het Electric Blue)
Pair of Green Severums (Pair SOLD)
Uaru – Uaru amphiacanthoides

"NEW" to our South American Cichlid family...

African Cichlids

Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa)
Cylindricus Cichlid (Neolamprologus cylindricus)
Kribensis Cichlid (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

Villa's City of Angelfish LLC: Proudly Serving The Continental United States

VILLA'S CITY OF ANGELFISH LLC, is pleased to announce that we are SPECIALIZING in Tropical Fresh Water Angelfish, more specifically, in the PHILIPPINE BLUE GENE FOUND WITHIN THE PLATINUM, PHILIPPINE BLUE, PINOY & PARAIBA ANGELFISH, as well as all the other phenotype variations developed by Ken Kennedy & Neil Oyama, with no expense spared in obtaining our breeding stock. Over the last several years we have shifted our attention to crossing our Domestic Tropical Fresh Water Angelfish with Wild Caught Tropical Fresh Water Angelfish with the intentions of producing a superior specimen and hopefully bring forth a new mutation to which we can offer to our customers. 



Dantum Angelfish

We have recently in 2013 added the "NEW" Dantum Angelfish, which is believed to be a cross between an Albino and an P. Altum, bred by Danziger Fish in Israel and purchased from David Label via Angelfish USA.




Paraiba Veil - Male


Here we Display one of our Paraiba Breeding males.  This specific male was bred by Carol Francis and was introduced into our breeding program as an out cross and to add Carol's famous veils to our lines.

The product we offer includes a wide range of Tropical Fresh Water Angelfish Phenotypes, such as ALBINOS (Dave Ramirez, Ken Kennedy & Neil Oyama' s Lines), BLACKS, BLACK LACE, CHOCOLATES (pb, pb/pb & non pb)HALF BLACKS (Silver, Ghost & Blushing), KOI (William's Line, Madeto's line, Ramirez's Line & Angel Plus's Select HR Line), MARBLES LT. & DARK (Blue, Smokey, Paraiba, Pinoy & Platinum), PARAIBAS,PHILIPPINE BLUES (Chocolates, Clowns, Ghosts, Silvers, Smokey & Zebras)PINOYS(Clowns, Ghosts, Marbles, Smokey & Zebra), PINOY/PARAIBAS, PLATINUMS, WILD CAUGHT TROPICAL ANGELFISH (Brazilian ScalareLeopoldiManancapuru/Red Shoulder Scalare, P. Altums (Rio AtabapoRio Inirida, Rio Orinoco and Rio VentuariPeruvian Scalare (Rio Nanay, Red Spotted, Black Spotted), Rio Arapiuns (Golden Scalare), Rio Negro Scalare & Santa Isabel Scalare) and WILD CROSSES toDomestic Angelfish and other Wild type variants (Brazilian, Manacapuru, Peruvian Scalare (Rio Nanay Scalare, Red Spotted), Rio Arapiuns ScalareRio Negro Scalare,Rio Tocantins Scalare & Santa Isabel Scalare).

Smokey Leopard Silver Gold Marble Veil Smokey Leopard Silver Gold Marble Veil


Phenotype: Smokey Leopard Silver Gold Marble Veil



Genotype: Sm/+ - Gm/+ - Z/+ - /pb - V/+



Sex: Male

Our Services

Store Store Front in Brodheadsville, PA.


Allow us to introduce ourselves, in 2008 we started Villa's City of Angelfish LLC, with the intentions of just having Angelfish as a hobby. Well that theory didn't last long, from the quality of the stock we purchased and bred, many of our friends and relatives wanted offspring and from there it launch into what we are today. A retail/wholesale Store with 1200 sq. ft. on the main floor and another 1200 sq. ft. in the basement.


Part of The Fish Store

As of launching this site, we currently have (120) tanks going and over 5000 gallons of water. Breeding from 26-30 pairs at a given time.


No expense was spared in purchasing our breeding stock, with the concept that buying the best should produce you the best in quality. With that in mind, we feed with the best quality of flake, freeze dried, froozen and live foods.

Section of The Fish Store

Our fish are bred and raised in PH: 6.0, naturally soft well water at 20 ppm, with an additional digital water softening system installed.


Water changes are done twice to three times a week and all tanks are run with HOB Filters (Some with Two) and either a Lee Box Filter, Sponge Filter or both. Most of our tanks are bare bottom and a few with gravel. Temps. in breeding tanks are at 82 degrees and non-breeders are in temps of 74-76 degrees. 

Fish Store Another Part of The Fish Store

Currently we have added (2) new 220 gallon show tanks for our Wild Caught Rio Ventuari P. Altums and our Wild Caught Santa Isabel Rio Negro Scalare. These (2) tanks are setup with Carib Sea Torpedo White Beach Sand, peronally selected Manzanita Driftwood and Malaysian Driftwood and some live plants.




Breeding section of the Store

We have moved our breeding stock to our Store and have had better breedings in water that is at a PH of 7.2  Our fry are now being reared on an automatic sump system that is changing 595 gallons of water per hour. The ease of this automatic system has made handling so many fry a more pleasurable expirence.

Black Veil Angelfish D/D Black Veil - Male


Dedicated to providing the utmost in quality to our customers, a quality, healthy and vibrant fish. Bred with the intentions of improving the specific line by either selective breeding or by crossing many of our lines to Wild Caught Fresh Water Angelfish or Domesticatedly raised Wild Type Angelfish.


Shipping has become a specialty for us here at Villa's City of Angelfish LLC. We take great pride in preparing the fish before shipping as well as for the skill set in packing your purchases. We are so confident in our method of shipping, that we aren't afraid to ship out Adult fish via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days) or UPS Ground (Excluding Wild Caught Tropical Fresh Water Angelfish).


All shipping boxes regardless of size are insulated year round with styrofoam and when necessary with fresh heat pack(s).


As for our customer service, we are available to help assist you with your questions regarding our Angelfish and any questions you may have in general regarding Angelfish. If your question presents a challenge for us to answer with complete confidence, we have no problem helping find someone who can. Our ultimate goal here, is your complete satisfaction.


Albino Silver Pearlscale Angelfish Silver Pearl Scale WiFi Albino w/25% Manacapuru - Female


Our biggest pride is in breeding our Albinos, we currently have (12) different Albino projects going, such as;


  1. Albino x Blue Marble Veil
  2. Albino x Koi
  3. Albino x Paraiba
  4. Albino x Philippine Blue Zebra
  5. Albino x Pinoy  Ghost (See above photo)
  6. Albino x Pinoy Zebra
  7. Albino x Pinoy Zebra/25% Rio Negro Altum
  8. Albino x Wild Caught Manacapuru
  9. Ken Kennedy's (Santa Isabel x Albino Blue Ghost)
  10. Wild Caught Santa Isabel Scalare x Albino Veil
  11. Pinoy Albino Lace Gold Glitter x PB Albino Silver Snakeskin
  12. Gold Marble/Het PB/Het Albino Pearlscale x Albino Marble 


stay tuned as there are more projects under way.

Pinoy Zebra Angelfish Pinoy Zebra/25% Rio Negro Altum Pair


The most famous of our lines are from the main pair posted along the right side of this posting, our; "Pinoy Zebra/25% Rio Negro Pair." Bred By: Neil Oyama of Hawaii.


This dynamic pair of  Angelfish, has produced some of the best angelfish I have ever laid my eyes on, not just for us, but for our customers all over the Continental United States. In the 18+ months that we have own this pair, every spawn has sold out, barring the (24) that we placed aside for our future breeders. The male from this pair has been the most prolific breeder in our breeding program. Often used on what we call the "Bull System", moving him in a divided 55 gallon tank with (4) sections, each with a female, everyday until the female drops her tube preparing to spawn. Our records show, of the (37) spawns that this male has fertiled, (6) of them were not 100% fertilized. That means (31) spawns with a 100% hatch rate and also the least amount of deformities of all our fish containing the pb gene. Their Markings, Intense Coloration, Fin Quality and Overall Personality are second to none. Today the pair are being in-bred back to their own selected offspring and grand offspring, with the hopes of producing in greater quantity the specific qualities/traits each of the parents have.

Silver Angelfish Silver (Santa Isabel x Albino Blue Ghost) Bred By: Ken Kennedy

One of our newer excitments has come with Ken Kennedy's breeding of the (Santa Isabel Rio Negro X Albino Blue Ghost). Currently we have paired off (5) of them to various mates of different genetics, (1) of the pairs being a sibling mating.


We have also paired off a "Young Silver/50% Santa Isabel/25% Manacapuru/Het PB - Male, Bred By: Neil Oyama of Hawaii.  Of the (2) we were fortunate to get from Neil, we're pleased that we have a male and a female in which we can continue the work already started.

Select Koi Select HR Koi Line - Bred By: Angels Plus


HR Koi Cross (Hlasnick/Rybicki)


Also included in this excitment is the "Select HR Koi Line", from Angels Plus.  Steve Rybicki and Dave Hlasnick started their Koi projects at almost the same time in the late 70's and are now together establishing arguably the best colored Koi Angelfish on the market.  

Dave Hlasnick"s Koi Line (Male).


The best of Dave's lines has been bred with the most colorful of Steve's lines. Out of many pairs, one pair was found to produce superior offspring. As evidence has shown, they have greater coverage, more color intensity and a higher percentage of top quality fish in each of their spawns.



Dave Hlasnick's Koi Line (Female)


The HR Koi Line will be crossed into our other lines of Koi as an out cross as well as to our finest WC Scalare.


This out cross is already showing great results.

Marble Het Koi Marble Het Koi/Het Albino Pair - Bred By: Angels Plus

In conjunction with these exquisite specimens from "Angels Plus", we also purchased what we believe are perhaps some of their best Het Koi/Het Albino Crosses for our Albino Koi project. Again, here Steve Rybicki used a Select HR Koi Male with intense color x Albino Female to produce this cross, thus allowing for numerous possibilities to come to reality outside of our main purpose.





PB Zebra Marble Snake Skin/12.5% Rio Negro Altum/12.5% Rio Negro - Female PB Zebra Marble Snake Skin/12.5% Rio Negro Altum/12.5% Rio Negro - Female


The next part of that same excitement comes from our own breeding, crossing our"Pinoy/25% Rio Negro Line x Pinoy/25% Rio Nanay Marble Line", producing the start to our "BLUE GLITTER SNAKESKIN LINE." 


Some believe they are the only ones with this trait, but we assure you that isn't the truth. 


Here's a quote from Ken Kennedy himself;"Hi Pete, it does look like glitter snakeskin. Hopefully they produce offspring with increased coverage."

Plat Marble Snakeskin, Bred By Carol Francis.

As of 2013, we are crossing our "Blue Glitter Snakeskin" lines to "Carol  Francis' Snakeskin" lines to increase coverage as well as an outcross.


(See link to the post on The World AngelfishForum)



Blue Marble Snakskin, Bred By Carol Francis.


This is another one of Carol Francs' breeding, Blue Marble Snakeskin Veil. Crossing our lines to Carol's lines, we are antisipating some awesome results, stay tuned...

Rio Negro Angelfish Silver/75% Rio Negro Pair


As you can probably tell by now, we are very focused on crossing Wild Tropical Angelfish to all our lines. The "Rio Negro Scalare Angelfish" have been the most admired of the Wilds, thus leading us to instilling their genes in almost all of our current and future breedings. Now also having obtained several "Wild Caught Rio Negro Scalare Angelfish", we hope to better continue on our task of producing the exceptional Angelfish.


Their exceptional body formation, wide dorsal, width of the tail, height and glitter trait are only a few of their favorable qualities that we seek in adding to our breeding program.

Wild Caught Peruvian Scalare

The same can be said for their cousin varient, the Peruvian Scalare. They add a facinating traits when crossing to domestics, especially in the shape and legnth of their ventril fins as well as a glitter trait.

Silver Half Black Angelfish Silver Half Black


Gentical Code:(h/h)


Of all the pigment pattern variations in angelfish, the half-black pattern has remained a mystery the longest. Dr. Norton discussed the inheritance of black lace, black, marble, gold, zebra, blushing and smokey in previous articles (Norton, 1982a-e). But an explanation of the inheritance of half-black was omitted because of lack of information at the time.


The half-black angelfish appeared about 30 plus years ago, with no documentation on its origin (Axelrod, 1985). Numerous aquarists and fish farmers have asked questions like, "How do you get a half-black angelfish?" The people who had half-blacks, were mostly Far East imports, which produced only silver (wild-type) offspring. It was a mystery that half-blacks were common imports while many people were unsuccessful in producing them in this country. Dr. Norton crossed the half-black with black lace, marble, smokey and zebra angelfish; the F1 were mated brother to sister or backcrossed to half-black. The results weren't favorable back then. Today this strain continues to baffel the best of the breeders, with results of breeding (2) Expressing Half Blacks together, only to get a spawn of non-expressing Half Blacks.


Half Blacks

A quote from Angels Plus:


"All Halfblacks start out looking like wild-type silvers. The pattern develops under good conditions on most of the fish. They can "turn" almost overnight. You can save money by purchasing them before they develop the complete pattern. Even if they don't "turn", or only partially "turn", they are still genetically Halfblack and their offspring will be capable of developing the pattern."


Het. (heterozygous) are fish with only one Halfblack gene. This means they cannot express the halfblack gene, because halfblack is a recessive gene that needs (2) copies of the said genes to express.

Rio Atabapo XXXLLL P. Altum

Villa's City of Angelfish is proud to announce yet another very successful season we had in importing True P. Altums in 2013. We don't know of anyone in the USA that imported more True P. Altums into this Country than us. Our survival rate for 2013 continued to be in the low to mid 90% ratio.


Thanks to the excellent care of our supplier and our strict quarantine program, these delicate favorites are getting the best care and chance to survive within a domestic setting.


WC Rio Inirida P. Altums

We will begin taking in pre-orders for 2014 as of June 1st 2014, though we have already received quite a few pre-orders early this year. As a reminder, it's a first come first serve basis in regards to P. Altums sales. Prices for smalls will be $35 each and $45 for Rio Atabapo varients. 


Shipping will be collected on the week of shipping and will only be UPS, FedEx or Airport to Airport overnight express.

WC Rio Atabapo P. Altums

Live Arrival Guarantee Policies: Live Arrival Guarantee is on all orders. If your shipping address is more than (1) day, consideration will be made based on the reality of how they arrived. If there are any D.O.A. (dead on arrival), I will replace it free of charge, excluding shipping costs as long as the following procedure is followed: You must contact me within the 1st hour of the 1st delivery attempt by phone or e-mail to claim any D.O.A.’s. Proof of D.O.A.s must be confirmed by emailing digital pictures of the deceased fish inside the un-opened bag(s). Once the DOAs have been confirmed, I will replace them with fish of the identical strain that was ordered. If that specific type of fish isn't available, 1st we will issue credit un the next arriving shipment and if none are due to arrive, then we will issue a refund for the amount paid for the said fish, excluding shipping..

We are also proud members of the IFGA sactioned "SJGC" South Jersey Guppy Club.


Disclosure: Villa's City of Angelfish LLC doesn't issue refunds on pre-orders foreign or domestic. If You or any Company places a pre-order, in this case, meaning pre-ordering imported Tropical Fish or other from any Country outside the USA, payment will be due in full, excluding the shipping expenses which will be collected at a later date. 


If for what ever reason you cancel your said order after a 24 hour period, you will not be entitled to a refund, as we order our fish weekly, especially True P. Altums and thus order is immediately paid for. Villa's City of Angelfish LLC reserves the right to consider the circumstances for cancelation and therefore; would only consider store credit.


Furthermore, if you place a order foreign or domestic for specific arranged breedings of any of our fish of you choice, then 50% of the total amount excluding shipping, will be due immediately prior to the commencement of the said arranged breedings and the remaining 50% balance will be due upon the completion of all breedings.


If for whatever reason you cancel your order after a 24 hour period, in which the selected breeders where put together, you will not be entitled to a refund,again Villa's City of Angelfish LLC reserves the right to consider the circumstances for cancelation and therefore; would only consider store credit.


Shipping fees will be due the beginning of the week of shipping. All shipments are given a DOA Guarantee. Foreign Orders will get a 48 hours on the DOA Guarantee and will be given credit on their next order. All orders will get a DOA Guarantee as long as I get photos of the DOA fish entact in their respective bags unopened, photos within the 1st hour of the initial delivery attempt. If it's a domestic order, we will replace the fish at no charge to you, but you will have to pay shipping fees for the replacements. Foreign orders will get credit on their next order placed.